We Are Aria Realty

Working with us will provide piece of mind knowing that agents, such as Tahir, have the experience and qualifications that no other realtor has.

Who We Are

With only a few members on our team, you can be sure the service you deserve will be provided. Not only are we passionate about what we do, we strive to make every customer relationship a successful one.



Qualifying Broker / Realtor / Appraiser






Investor / Marketing


Marketing a property. Includes listing the property on the market to reach a broad audience, all documents and paperwork such as offers and counter offers and acceptances, and review of closing documents.


Locating a commercial or residential property for a potential buyer. The service allows you to virtually take a look at different properties for the area you are interested in, picking a few of those, and physically going to see them. Although we are located in Peachtree City and deal with the area often, our services are for the entire state of Georgia.


Informing a potential client of property values, most recent selling prices and property taxes. With Tahir having the additional Appraiser's license, he is able to give an appraiser's opinion on what he thinks a property is worth. This is huge for our property management capabilities.


Managing your rental properties by helping you set rent at competitive prices while maximizing profits. One of our missions is to make sure all property owners have a professional to deal with their largest asset.